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 An Authority on         Trading Education


Hey, everyone- I’m Greg Orlowski, aka “anti-guru man”.

Many of you may know me as the authority on trading the futures, because I know the market price action and how to really use indicators inside and out. And I instruct others on how to use this approach and get the best results from it.

I like to take money from all the losing market participants and also ride off the backs of the large institutions.

Over the years, I’ve learned several trading styles and, in my opinion, my approach is highly versatile and powerful. But here’s the thing…your ability to make money trading is only as good as your trading strategy.

My style is an art-form together with simple mathematics. I can teach you, and more importantly adjust your mindset to the proper level.

That’s where I can help you…


So, it’s judgments time.
I hate market educators who never trade live, preach everything under the sun and repackage what is already known. They get your money and move on. Isn’t it bad enough the marketplace is already doing that!

My passions are making money trading and teaching people how to generate huge profits from the markets. Sign up now to be a winner and conquer trading in any time-frame!


Don’t trust Trading       Education Sales Pressure Scams!

academy time share scam

Most large trading educators operate as a trading education mill. Filled with unethical salespeople trying to take advantage of unsuspecting people. Clients who only desire to learn how to trade.
Many of these well-known companies start with a free presentation to get you to sign up for an expensive one-week program. If you have ever heard of the term high-pressure or visited a vacation time-share community, then you get the picture. The initial weekly course is a small investment of a few thousand. It all depends on what they can get from you. Then after a week, your so-called instructor with the help of slick salespeople, will pressure you to join their advanced class. This is where they go for your money. Some people have been duped for over 15,000 dollars. Totally unethical and nothing more than a scam. Do you really think someone who makes a living teaching people how to trade is actually a real trader? No, just a well-trained presenter with some basic knowledge of the markets. Using a poorly designed trading system to entice you. It all looks so good in hindsight!


What to Look for if You Want to Really Trade for a Living


The best online trading classes are designed for home office learning. Each training module starts with a basics concept of trading then moves into practicing while in a live market. There is no hindsight, it must be taught in a current market from the right side of the chart. Techniques need to be understood and then practiced in a live market. By utilizing a layered approach to teach a specific trading process. Choose a company that offers free lifetime classes after your initial training is complete. Most subjects cannot be mastered in just a few lessons.


How Much Would You Spend to Get A Trading Edge?

Competitor A-  Free Workshop and high pressured sales pitch- $3,000-$15,000

Competitor B- Market Profile Guru $750  (*Warning-Only one part of the equation)

Competitor C- Indicator Guru $550 (*Warning-Only one part of the equation)

Competitor D- Footprint $1500 (He knows his stuff)


super-herobut….for the low price of $750 you can learn all of the following from home:

  • Price Action and Bar Speed

  • Rotations at Levels and Patterns

  • Support and Resistance Levels with Market Profile

  • 34 Period Trend Channel with VWAP

  • First 15 and 60 Minute Initial Balance (IBH / IBL)

  • SMARSI5 Combined Indicator

  • Order Flow (Bar Delta and Period Cumulative Delta)

  • CCI Momentum Indicator with Patterns at EMA’s

 For a limited time you can have my live taught online course for $547

Full 5 day training course from 9 am to 4 pm est. plus additional special offer: attend all weekly training classes as scheduled for one year.

One Time Payment of $547 – Training All Year!!!

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